Week 1: Blood

Week passed. First week of – hopefully – many more to come. Not everything is great, not everything went as good as I wanted it to go…

But it still goes pretty awesome so far. You know, I’m not big with the happiness. When things go good I expect trouble. Can you blame me?

Whenever we actually pick up ourselves from the floor in WoW something was screwing us back to the pit stop… I wonder for how long old ghosts from Steamwheedle Cartel will hunt this guild. Will hunt me personally.

We all joke “it’s my fault. it’s my fault”. Well you know what? It was my fault at the end. If I let first Pax die in ’09 non of us would be here today. Is that a good or bad thing? I don’t know.

Maybe this old bad blood will go away with time. I hope it will. But blood is what we need. New blood. New people to fill the ranks of those who didn’t come with us to TOR. I wonder if the “new guys” ever understand how much we need them. Not just to fill the raid spots, run flashpoints and have fun. We need them to exist as a group, as a community. Like a shark – we need to move forward.

I’d really enjoy having more of the old squad on the deck… but fact they aren’t here gives us a challenge. We need to leave the safezone of ours. Need to get out there. Find people we can bring here. Who will become part of Pax.

Not sure how many new people will see this post in the future – distant or near. Don’t really care if this will sound like a cry of desperation, burden for you to carry as member of our community. Your community…

but we need you. All of you… if you got into the guild you are fine by me. And nothing will change that… maybe except fucking one of my friends, than leaving her to be with someone else, lying about it, abandoning the guild in the process without a word of explanation.

You won’t do that, will you? I hope not.

Bad blood…


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