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PC Gamer on TOR

Star Wars: The Old Republic is four months old, and as it matures players want to know what the plan is for the future. This month’s Rakghoul plague event is a sign that BioWare still have a few surprises up their sleeves: but there are still question marks over the future of the game, and what will keep players logging in during the wait between updates.

It’s exactly the kind of the scenario that breeds speculation, most of it of the “sky is falling” variety. We spoke to BioWare’s Daniel Erickson about the future of the game and the challenges of responding to the community while sticking to the established content plan…

Full article here:

Do you think game is facing the powerful drop of users soon, or those that are in are the diehards already?

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Week 4: Need Bigger Boat…

It’s over. I’m done. I’m overworked. Can’t focus, can’t find time for most basic things.

I made a decision. to ensure my mental and physical health I’m quitting my job. 

(kidding of course.. how would I pay for sub if I didn’t work?… or food, or electricity, or internet…)

Truth is however, I do run little short on time lately due to rather messed up working environment. I am one of those sad bastards that can bring at least some of my work back home. I should just go and become fudge packer. Or work in the furniture factory again. They never gave me box on my way out saying “you can put together that sofa for tomorrow, right?”

Okay, enough of personal stories of Ionis the “I haz big important job now”. Truth is, I’m little on thin ice. So cut me so slack for this week please.

Good news – we made first punch into HM this weekend! It means – new loot for the high-level group. That means it will be even easier to do stuff now… and that means those who aren’t 50 yet will have easier time getting into end game when they finally reach max level. So good stuff all around.

Saneot plugged me with this website – so I think it’s worth dropping it here too:

As name suggest, this site contains info about loot you can get from fp/ops in TOR – something for you folks to drool upon before we get it 😉

From other news: I didn’t forgot about recruiting new people. I’m still on it! Whenever I find some time that is. Since we’re on this topic – I’m not planning on kicking anyone any time soon due inactivity, but I do keep in mind that some of the “orbiting” people don’t really log in. Guess at the end this is the way of this guild – some people get involved, some don’t. Just like any other, good addiction. 

Have a fun and lootful week,

ionis, sighing off.

PS. Get in da choppaa..!ImageImage

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Join the Dark Side

Join the Dark Side

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Week 3: Must be sunny…

1.2 also known as Jesus Patch is here. Now, I am not the man to mock any faith or religion, but..

Jesus, what the hell? Stop taking money from me! This is rapture all-right!.. for my credit account.

On the bright side, we have the first bank tab up and about already. You can donate money to the bank, gathering for tab 2 – that costs 1.000.000 credits.

I think I sorted out permissions for ranks, if something still looks weird, let me know. Guild bank as of now is open for dropping items of any sort, mostly purple gear, rare crafting materials and high level companion gifts. Avoid dropping random crap inside – if those items aren’t taken in a week of time, I will take them out myself and sell to a vendor, donating income to the guild bank.

Whatever you think about Legacy system so far, it is one big money sink – how to get more money you ask? Do more daily heroics on level 50 with me and Nick.

You’re not level 50 yet? well… there is your problem.

Also, you might have heard about the rakghoul plague spreading beyond Taris system lately. Remember to buy at least one Rakghoul Vaccine from any medical droid. It is my understanding that this outbreak event will be spreading – so keep yourself and your companion safe from turning into a mindless sith-spawned mutants!

Buy Rakghoul Vaccine, only 2.000 credits per shot…



Buy supply of Rakhghoul Vaccine and pray this wont turn into one of those Zombie Invasions event… if it does – I swear to you now, I will kill everyone who becomes infected, for the safety of the remaining survivors.

This is not a democracy anymore!

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1.2 patch and Pax

Hey folks. As you probably already know, today patch 1.2 hit the floor – it means quite a few changes in the game itself and few new things as well. One of them being the long-awaited Guild Bank.

However, there is a catch in form of 800.000 credits to “open” guild bank – therefore till we get the needed money together – no dropping worthless crap to bank for you! We’ll talk more about chipping in for the bank on vent during some evening. 800k isn’t that much for couple of 50s – we should have the bank setup in matter of days.

Also, 1.2 introduced Customizable UI – something worth checking out if you use to play WoW. TOR customization lacks, of course, many features that ui addons in WoW had, but it’s a start (chat on the bottom again!)

For levels 50 we get new dailies on Corellia with some new gear to purchase for the Daily Commendation. Check it out in spare time (we will probably setup guild-daily run – we did dailies on Ilum with Nick for few days now and it always go faster with more firepower (doh!).

For full list of changes (it’s a WALL OF TEXT) see

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Week 2: Socialfull People, the Socialfull People.

This weekly update is sponsored by letters F, U and number 2.

Weekly report, little late due to holidays. But no worries, I’m still here… you’ll have to wait with picking new guild master just a bit longer. Sorry!.. (no im not)

We had another Free Weekend – or technically still have – but truth be told, all who wanted to try this game for free, did it in two previous weeks.

I’m pretty sure everyone heard me already complaining on vent about the recruitment process. Truth is, I will complain and whine – this is my way of venting frustration on all the stupid, uneducated, impolite, brainless, spineless, greedy, antisocial, ungrateful, mentally retarded and very much not becoming members of Pax people.

Real story – we were running Esseles with Nick and some random fella’ few days back. We’re about to enter the Flashpoint when some level 10 runs in and asks:

lvl10: you have group?

Me: yep

lvl10: can i join plz

Me: nope

Me: /ignore lvl10

Well, who’s a dick now, right? Anyway.

I will complain about this recruitment process, because I don’t like getting my hands dirty. But it doesn’t mean I will stop the recruitment process. No freaken’ way! This is the best way of getting to meet new people – unless we’re ready to start running HM with random people already. Yeah, me ‘not really’ either. 

So don’t be discouraged with my crying about how stupid people are – I’m nowhere close to stopping what I’m doing.

Speaking of recruitment, we got Sambre on board yesterday 🙂

Don’t expect him to sit on vent 24/7 – we both agreed we’ll see how this works 🙂

Now, Lolcats…


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The Force

The Force

batteries not included 😛

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Consulars suck at melee

Jedi Consular vs Sith Warrior. You know who wins…

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