Week 2: Socialfull People, the Socialfull People.

This weekly update is sponsored by letters F, U and number 2.

Weekly report, little late due to holidays. But no worries, I’m still here… you’ll have to wait with picking new guild master just a bit longer. Sorry!.. (no im not)

We had another Free Weekend – or technically still have – but truth be told, all who wanted to try this game for free, did it in two previous weeks.

I’m pretty sure everyone heard me already complaining on vent about the recruitment process. Truth is, I will complain and whine – this is my way of venting frustration on all the stupid, uneducated, impolite, brainless, spineless, greedy, antisocial, ungrateful, mentally retarded and very much not becoming members of Pax people.

Real story – we were running Esseles with Nick and some random fella’ few days back. We’re about to enter the Flashpoint when some level 10 runs in and asks:

lvl10: you have group?

Me: yep

lvl10: can i join plz

Me: nope

Me: /ignore lvl10

Well, who’s a dick now, right? Anyway.

I will complain about this recruitment process, because I don’t like getting my hands dirty. But it doesn’t mean I will stop the recruitment process. No freaken’ way! This is the best way of getting to meet new people – unless we’re ready to start running HM with random people already. Yeah, me ‘not really’ either. 

So don’t be discouraged with my crying about how stupid people are – I’m nowhere close to stopping what I’m doing.

Speaking of recruitment, we got Sambre on board yesterday 🙂

Don’t expect him to sit on vent 24/7 – we both agreed we’ll see how this works 🙂

Now, Lolcats…


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