1.2 patch and Pax

Hey folks. As you probably already know, today patch 1.2 hit the floor – it means quite a few changes in the game itself and few new things as well. One of them being the long-awaited Guild Bank.

However, there is a catch in form of 800.000 credits to “open” guild bank – therefore till we get the needed money together – no dropping worthless crap to bank for you! We’ll talk more about chipping in for the bank on vent during some evening. 800k isn’t that much for couple of 50s – we should have the bank setup in matter of days.

Also, 1.2 introduced Customizable UI – something worth checking out if you use to play WoW. TOR customization lacks, of course, many features that ui addons in WoW had, but it’s a start (chat on the bottom again!)

For levels 50 we get new dailies on Corellia with some new gear to purchase for the Daily Commendation. Check it out in spare time (we will probably setup guild-daily run – we did dailies on Ilum with Nick for few days now and it always go faster with more firepower (doh!).

For full list of changes (it’s a WALL OF TEXT) see http://www.torhead.com/patch/1.2

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