Week 3: Must be sunny…

1.2 also known as Jesus Patch is here. Now, I am not the man to mock any faith or religion, but..

Jesus, what the hell? Stop taking money from me! This is rapture all-right!.. for my credit account.

On the bright side, we have the first bank tab up and about already. You can donate money to the bank, gathering for tab 2 – that costs 1.000.000 credits.

I think I sorted out permissions for ranks, if something still looks weird, let me know. Guild bank as of now is open for dropping items of any sort, mostly purple gear, rare crafting materials and high level companion gifts. Avoid dropping random crap inside – if those items aren’t taken in a week of time, I will take them out myself and sell to a vendor, donating income to the guild bank.

Whatever you think about Legacy system so far, it is one big money sink – how to get more money you ask? Do more daily heroics on level 50 with me and Nick.

You’re not level 50 yet? well… there is your problem.

Also, you might have heard about the rakghoul plague spreading beyond Taris system lately. Remember to buy at least one Rakghoul Vaccine from any medical droid. It is my understanding that this outbreak event will be spreading – so keep yourself and your companion safe from turning into a mindless sith-spawned mutants!

Buy Rakghoul Vaccine, only 2.000 credits per shot…



Buy supply of Rakhghoul Vaccine and pray this wont turn into one of those Zombie Invasions event… if it does – I swear to you now, I will kill everyone who becomes infected, for the safety of the remaining survivors.

This is not a democracy anymore!

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