Week 4: Need Bigger Boat…

It’s over. I’m done. I’m overworked. Can’t focus, can’t find time for most basic things.

I made a decision. to ensure my mental and physical health I’m quitting my job. 

(kidding of course.. how would I pay for sub if I didn’t work?… or food, or electricity, or internet…)

Truth is however, I do run little short on time lately due to rather messed up working environment. I am one of those sad bastards that can bring at least some of my work back home. I should just go and become fudge packer. Or work in the furniture factory again. They never gave me box on my way out saying “you can put together that sofa for tomorrow, right?”

Okay, enough of personal stories of Ionis the “I haz big important job now”. Truth is, I’m little on thin ice. So cut me so slack for this week please.

Good news – we made first punch into HM this weekend! It means – new loot for the high-level group. That means it will be even easier to do stuff now… and that means those who aren’t 50 yet will have easier time getting into end game when they finally reach max level. So good stuff all around.

Saneot plugged me with this website – so I think it’s worth dropping it here too: http://www.tor-loot.com/

As name suggest, this site contains info about loot you can get from fp/ops in TOR – something for you folks to drool upon before we get it 😉

From other news: I didn’t forgot about recruiting new people. I’m still on it! Whenever I find some time that is. Since we’re on this topic – I’m not planning on kicking anyone any time soon due inactivity, but I do keep in mind that some of the “orbiting” people don’t really log in. Guess at the end this is the way of this guild – some people get involved, some don’t. Just like any other, good addiction. 

Have a fun and lootful week,

ionis, sighing off.

PS. Get in da choppaa..!ImageImage

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