Week 7: Rise of a Generation [over the top]

Last night during one of my pointless rumblings, I mentioned I sat dawn to write history of the guild. More for me, than you – I doubt you’d care much about names of guild masters that came before me, members that were part of the guild years back or my ego-boosting story of how few brave men decided to stick together no matter what – and how I led those people though valley of powerless frustration, one crisis at a time… yadda yadda yadda..

You can be pretty sure that this history will never see the face of Internet.

Unless I decide to write a novel. Like five tomes of epic adventures.


What however felt worth mentioning is that each ‘age’ of this guild, was marked by people that joined the guild at dawn of those eras. How new people, just another nameless recruits that passed my ‘filter’ became important or even core members of the community, making impact on even the oldest pricks that been here since day one.

I guess we’ll look at first half of 2012 in few years and see rise of the new generation of Pax members – free of the Warcraft background that liked all previous eras. It’s this ‘fresh blood’ I mentioned few weeks ago here – blood that for better or worse will mix with the Old Guard, Older Guard and the Old Pricks.

I am in a full recruitment mode lately – and I know from our history, that 90% of those people won’t stick here for long. Not that there is something wrong with them. Not at all! Things may just not ‘click’, they may not feel a need to become entangled by this type of community for longer, the game itself my bore them – million things can happen and will happen.

But from perspective of four years I can safely say – those 10% that will remain here will make an impact on this guild and on the first ‘Star Wars’ generation of Pax.

Here is, to yet another, Next Generation! Live Long and May The Force be Out There. So say we all. Who you gonna call?

Ah, and this one goes to Jon —




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