Week 9: Alts!

Classic Pax action coming back – this is the only term I can describe it with.

As you know, raids in this game require at least 8 people. 2 Healers, 4 DPS and 2 Tanks. Since day one we had only one tank (myself) and one healer (Nick). But lately both Theo as well as Laure and Iris decided to support the two of us – Theo rolling a tank, Iris and Laure healers.

As you know, this does not solve our problems as a guild – we forgave DPS players for healers – but finding DPS – especially Sentinels 😉 – should be easier than getting a trained, cooperative, vent-broken tank.

Here’s my salute to you! – Pax as always patch it’s own holes.. making new ones that only in theory should be easier to fill!… yeah.

Either way, I’m glad we’ll have essential covers with guildmates.

Meanwhile, don’t know how about you, but I keep my eyes open for potential new members – one or two should be enough. Of course – if you read previous entries here, you know that getting new member into the guild does not equals getting future raid member (or even someone that will stick around for more than few days) – but it’s still way better than just sitting on my ass, hoping new wild members will appear!

That was a Pokemon reference.


Laugh god-dammit, laugh! 



That’s how I look like each time we go to HM Lost Island



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