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Guild Transfer

Information regarding guild transfer:

Today guild moved from Rogue Moon to Red Eclipse server using the free transfer service.

I strongly suggest moving all Republic characters from Rogue Moon to the Red Eclipse as soon as possible before free transfer service will be closed.

To transfer your character, access “My Account” via and pick “Character Transfer” from menu on the leftand follow the instructions (always remember to press “Next Step” at the bottom of each selection menu!)

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This isn’t the toy you’re looking for…

This is...

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Character Transfers

The free Character Transfers are under way since maintenance today. For now there is nothing about transfers “from” or “to” our server – but from the list of server transfers announced so far, it looks like they are moving people from very underpopulated servers to the very populated ones (since we’re in the middle of it, things can swing both ways).

Keep an eye on the blog and the list of transfer servers at for updates.

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Week 11: Speeder & Lightsaber

Due to last week’s STEAM sale, guild got little preoccupied with playing Mount&Blade: Warband. We’re still on vent – of course. But there’s a high chance that if during afternoon we’re not in TOR, we shoot each other in a head with crossbows.

Everyone who got the game is, of course, welcome to join us – all the details, as always, available on ventrilo during afternoon&evening hours.

Poll is still open on who will hit 50 first: Soll, Laure or Iris – for now Soll is ahead with level 40, with Iris on 32 on second place and Laure falling behind on level 28 due Mount&Blade addiction.

Also – as promised: Few tutorials regarding MP Mount&Blade so we stop sucking (so much) – long, but very good introduction to basics of Multiplayer PvP. – video introduction to melee fighting (with too loud, too cheerful music from Final Fantasy Tactics)


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