Week 11: Speeder & Lightsaber

Due to last week’s STEAM sale, guild got little preoccupied with playing Mount&Blade: Warband. We’re still on vent – of course. But there’s a high chance that if during afternoon we’re not in TOR, we shoot each other in a head with crossbows.

Everyone who got the game is, of course, welcome to join us – all the details, as always, available on ventrilo during afternoon&evening hours.

Poll is still open on who will hit 50 first: Soll, Laure or Iris – for now Soll is ahead with level 40, with Iris on 32 on second place and Laure falling behind on level 28 due Mount&Blade addiction.

Also – as promised: Few tutorials regarding MP Mount&Blade so we stop sucking (so much)

http://modsreloaded.com/mount-and-blade-warband-strategy-guide-t812.html – long, but very good introduction to basics of Multiplayer PvP.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L9jHcZjWw9U – video introduction to melee fighting (with too loud, too cheerful music from Final Fantasy Tactics)


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One thought on “Week 11: Speeder & Lightsaber

  1. Thank you for the link.

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