Vacation break is over. This is the official memo for all you folks. So don’t say you haven’t been warned.
If you don’t check this page – not my problem.

As we all know by now, TOR goes F2P in few months.
Love it or hate it – we’re here, with a guild, characters we spent months playing and some unmet expectations.

I said it few times here and there, but I want it to be here in writing – I don’t like playing F2P MMOs – I don’t like the ‘buy now’ and ‘press here to go to shop’
buttons everywhere, I don’t like the patch-only type of game development, without the true, honest expansion packs I can nerd out for with 30h premiere marathons with a can of beer, milk and Cheetos. Finally, I don’t like the purchasable currency that gives you illusion of being better than someone else, because you dropped money into it.
Being better equals looking cooler, unique, special and what not.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to be all that – but I want it to be the effect of my effort in the game, not how much money I can drop on a flying pony in online store.

Saying that – I want it to be perfectly clear – I’m not dropping the towel on TOR just because it goes F2P.
If I continue to play this game or not depends only on one thing – the guild.

If the guild won’t make a leap forward – I don’t intend to play this game when it goes F2P – hoping that free game will bring us new players to recruit.
It’s bullshit. Always have been. It’s not about people outside, it’s about people inside.
The way we do and do not do things.

If we get Pax on a good track comes F2P – I’ll play it. I’ll continue paying my 15$ knowing I’ll get my money value out of it.

Will you continue to play it or not, pay for it or not – it’s your own decision and I won’t go cry in the corner if you decide to make a different choice.

We have few months to get ourselves together for yet another time. Lets not waste it on being who we are, wishing we could be something more.

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