Recruit me this…

…recruit me that, who wants the carrot and who wants the bat?

We have some new recruits around. Guess the fear of going F2P scared us enough to finally recruit some people into our ranks.

I’d like to use this entry to give all the new members (both current and the ones we’ll recruit in the near future) an abridged version of the rules of Pax. I promise, I’ll be brief.

First and foremost – Pax is a community of gamers first, a TOR guild second. It means that we’re more interested in finding people to fit the community, not just gamers to fill spots in the guild.

If you don’t give a hutt about community-crap you’re still welcome to stick around, but remember, What you put in, is what you get out.

Second – I think every recruit heard it from me or Laurence already – we put a heavy focus on Ventrilo (what is Ventrilo?!). Almost every evening at least a few people sit there and chat. We don’t have to run flashpoints to be there, we don’t even have to play TOR – we drop in there for social reasons. You wonder why guild chat is so quiet despite the fact we advertise ourselves as social guild? That’s why – we’re chatting on vent!

Again, you don’t have to be Ventrilo-broken to be in the guild – but you may feel the guild is half-dead and nobody talks to anyone… remember it’s your choice 😉

Third – I know nobody asked about it yet, but I want to make a pre-emptive strike – Membership status is not something you will get if you just sit in the guild long enough. Members are people that contribute something to the community. Read Community – not guild. Members are people that have gained the sympathy and trust of other members, by taking an active part in proceedings.

Fourth – We will never turn Pax into a big guild. Right now we’re close to our desired limit. We might get one or two new people, but besides that we’ll wait to see how the current group of recruits integrate into the guild. Our aim is to have enough high level players to run end game content on a regular basis, while keeping the guild population small enough, to avoid creating sub-groups. We’ll help you in leveling if we can, even gearing up once you hit 50 – we prefer this, than getting another new member who’s 50 now and ready to join raids.

Fifth – Again, nobody asked about it yet but I guess a few people might wonder; why does Pax have no officers?

A small guild like ours doesn’t need officers. Every member has the trust I’d grant to an officer – so adding more ranks is pointless. If you’ve a guild related problem/question/complaint/want to ingratiate yourself – come directly to me.

Now, since you’ve reached the bottom of the post – Congratulations! You get an award:

Yes you motherhutters, this was brief!

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