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This.Is.RANDOM! (1)

Hello all you nice readers, and some of you not so nice people who come here to look at lolcats pix.

Been few weeks since I wrote anything here. Simple reason – I wanted previous post to be on top of the front page for a while. Besides, couldn’t find a single theme to go with the news.

So – ain’t really my normal rant-on-topic, just some random info and empty words I know you learn to skip fast.

Still, lets pretend I try to be quick about it:


Remember about all that stuff how Pax don’t really need more members for now, cause we got a bunch of recruits to work on?

Yeah. Forget about it. Almost every single guy we got in past month took off – I’m not bitter. That’s how it goes. Okay, don’t get me into the ‘what recruits we should look for?’ once again. It’s a bucket of poo – we take what we get, there is like 90% chance they won’t last a month anyway. Way to be an optimist Ionis… thumbs up!


We follow on the Pax old tradition of messing up with content with less people than required. Still, before we get more seriously into raiding we’ll have to complete at least solid 7 man group. 7 is a number to work with. 6 is getting it little stretchy on some encounters.


I officially open the Pax Gallery – Click Me!

A place for us all to keep some old screenshots away from being lost… and general picture madness.

If you ever feel like uploading anything there, poke me for details regarding the password.

Also, don’t be scared with the pop-up adds, if we use the gallery in coming months, removing all the creepy adds it’s just <2 $ per month. So no biggy. I would throw those money right away if I knew anyone except me will use it 😛


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