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Leveling cooking in Mists of Pandaria



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WoW weekend 26-28 Oct

As we discussed for last few weeks – last weekend of October is Pax’s nostalgia (for some!) trip to World of Warcraft.

Server, races and factions are not set in stone yet – we’ll be discussing it in next two weeks.

What you can do now is get the game client.

We’ll be using the Free-2-Play up to 20 model, so you don’t have to pay a penny to join us.

To get the game, register on:

And download the World of Warcraft Starter Edition game from their website:

For more information visit our ventrilo channel.



pandas sux



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1.5 on Test Servers

Highlights from the post on the official swtor forums:

  • Travel to Section X on Belsavis and learn why the nefarious Dread Guard has seized control of this ravaged sector of the planet! Section X can be accessed on Belsavis and via the daily mission shuttles.
  • HK-51 can now be acquired as a Companion Character! A shipment of the infamous assassin droids can be found in the wreck of an Imperial transport ship, The Fatality, in Section X. Reactivating HK-51 requires finding and assembling parts from across the galaxy.
  • Campaign armorings are now available for purchase on the Black Hole vendor for Black Hole Commendations.
  • Dread Guard relics are now available on the Daily vendor for 300 Daily Commendations.


Farm your dailies, farm your Blackholes cause they are exchangeable for all kinda of gear out there!

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Clone Wars. Season 5

Last Sunday 5th ‘Clone Wars’ season begun. If you follow the series grab Episode One on the tubes/tv. For those undecided:




All if it is just a prelude of course, to the premiere of 3rd season of Walking Dead. Oct 14.



And since you know I like memes…

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