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Star Wars: The Old Republic – LiveStream Q&A #2 (nov 29)

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quick update

1. Recruitment is temporary closed as we chew though the new members, see who will stick around for longer and who is just a pass-by. Saying that – new recruits will be considered if recommended by people that are already in the guild.

So if you want to enlist your family members, co-workers, pets.. contact Ionis.

2. Another “Weekend with…” is still few weeks away, but I think I mumbled something that we’ll give “World of Tanks” a try since Laure spoke pretty enthusiastically about it.

Not set in stone yet – but it’s somewhere on the horizon…

BTW, a game with only tanks in it? Isn’t that like really boring? Tanks with tons of armour and next to no DPS… I dueled with other tanks, took like 10 min of pounding each other with shields… how that can be fun? No healers either… Still.. we might check it out.

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Magicka Weekend recap

As expected – Jon won the game while we were running in circles killing each other.

End of the weekend ratio was:

50% deaths caused by friendly fire (and ice, and electricity and pushback and rocks)

40% deaths caused by self-fire.

10% deaths actually attributed to enemy team.

I tried to make a short video of out game, but we sucked so much I decided not to bother.


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Magicka Weekend 23-25 Nov

Weekend 23-25 November (Friday till Sunday) Pax is going back to dust off ol’ mage hat and kill some team-mates in Magicka.

First session Friday evening. Poke around on vent to learn more (open spots, hours).

Only basic game is required, no DLCs. Steam client is required (of course)


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Patch 1.5 – Nov 15th.

Ladies, Lads and Lads playing Ladies,

Free 2 Play is almost here —

Be sure you got your noob-shields up and your ignore button set on kill.

Seriously now: what F2P model will mean to us?

Free-2-Play players have greatly diminished value for any guild – due to the draconian restrictions put on the not paying customers. If you don’t pay you can barely do any group PvP or PvE content.

Still, I don’t plant to close access to this guild for those players. Of course, as always. lolnoobz, trolls and general social retards won’t enter – but people trying the game out when it’s free might contribute to Pax’s social aspect.

Also, we will convert them to subbed players 😛

Interested in what else 1.5 will bring to the game?


For latest PTS notes!

May the Free Force be with you.

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Podcast Round-Up

The Republic @ Blip TV

Episode 112 Mickey Shot First (click the clicky thingy)

Talk about Disney buying Lucas, SWTOR and moniez before going F2P and more updates!… that will totally be every 6 weeks!


Episode 160: Return of the Tom (also click the clicky)

“In this Episode, we discuss Free to Play, some developer chatter, and even the Disney buyout of everything Lucas.”

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State of the Game addressed by Jeff Hickman

Interesting (and for some rant-provoking) statement made by one of the game Executive Producers addressing some of the issues related to the game:

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