State of the Guild: December 2012.

Hey folks, Ionis here.

Since F2P launched we had a good bunch of fresh blood coming in, some of it poured out already, that was to be expected – no surprises.

I sat down to write this post – touched by the sudden urge to make a comment on the general state of the guild. But knowing me, I will go to many tangents – that hopefully, if won’t be entertaining, at least will be somewhat informative.

So, without even longer introduction…

1. State of Raiding.

Raids or Operations are the highest tier of PvE content offered by the game. Raids require 8 (or 16, but we don’t touch those!) people – all present at the same time, same place, with proper gear, experience and knowledge to take on the most complex fights game has to offer.

Forget about anything you fought against while leveling up to 50 – some boss tactics in raids can be page-long and require from all members to be on top of their game all the time. We of course wont start with those – not when we’re in process of reforming our raiding squad with the “new bloods”.

Why guilds do raids? Simple answer is – good loot, good challenge, new content.

Raids offer best gear in the game (PvE wise), they offer challenge that is often amiss for those who finished all HM flashpoints and is a chance to see new content (that people that been around for long enough don’t get all that often).

But raid is also a chance to do something with your guild, something bigger, more complex and enjoyable than the 30 min flashpoint blitz.

So, what guilds (our guild) need to raid? Like said above – 8 people on level 50 is a start.

Raiding group needs two Tanks, two Healers and four DPS (some bosses can be done successfully with different setup, but I’ll stick to the cookie-cutter here).

So, what do Pax need now?

Our current confirmed group of raiding-able people consists of:

  • 1 Tank (Vanguard)
  • 1 Healer (Scoundrel)
  • 3 DPS (2x Commando, Sage)

We got 3 extra spots then. One of each role. Also having extra person or two never hurts – not everyone can attend each raid and it suck when one person’s real life makes seven other people waste a raiding evening.

As a sidenote – Pax already raided in TOR and most of the ‘old core’ were raiders in WoW for years. We know what to do and how to teach people what to do – if you’re new and green – we’ll welcome you with open arms and 200 page handbook of raiding.

I’m kidding. It’s not 200 pages. It’s only about 40. 50 if you count the HEROIC content, but you can’t read it yourself, you must find a group to read it with. (padapa tsss!). 

2. Ventrilo

Okay, this is kinda tied in to raiding, so it’s a good segue.

Ventrilo is a tool used to voice communication. You get the client, you join the guild channel and you can talk to all the fun, interesting, insightful, friendly, socially-awkward, capable sentient people…

Why is this tied in to raiding? Raids very often require on-the-fly communication and vent is an easy way to instantly pass information across whole group – and you don’t even waste a second to type. Besides Vent is a great thing while not raiding too – it’s a social hub for the guild. To speak in droid-tongue: Ventrilo = Higher Raid Effectiveness + Extra Social Experience.

Want to know more about Ventrilo? Check the top-bar menu for short tutorial on ventrilo.

Why I decided to mention ventrilo in this post? Because most new guild members don’t use it. Ventrilo is not required to be part of a guild, of course. Nobody gonna kick you out for not being on vent. But it’s important tool for those who want to join the community – and those people are more important for us, than just extra gamers to fill raid spots.

Sorry folks, MMO are meant to be played with other people, and we like to push this social aspect one step further and value people that think same. You don’t like it – you don’t have to join – no problem, you’re still welcome to stick around and play with us 🙂

Just be aware – the more you bring in, the more you get out.

You have the right to say, I am being hutthole for promoting people that think as I do. That I split people into those who are vent-able and those who aren’t – making those latter sort of a second (third?) rate citizens. If you think this practice is offensive, unjust and wrong – Bite me and go find a guild that will accommodate your needs better. There are more than few, don’t worry. /gquit is the command. Get out.

3. Guild recruitment.

As mentioned at the start – some of our newer recruits went away already. Therefore guild recruitment is re-opened. Happy hunting.

Ionis, out.

ps. cheers to Dreadforce from Progenitor.

and to pay respects to the old tradition:

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