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Training Raid for the new and alted. 10AM(?) Jon Time, 7PM GMT, 8PM CEST, 9PM EET…

Geez, you people must move to a single timezone. Seriously.

Anyway, Training Raid will include the first raid – Eternity Vault. Raid will conclude at 2200 hrs CET (will last 2 hours). We will have 1-2 breaks – remember to pee DURING those breaks. Urination outside designated time is forbidden. FOREVER!

Now seriously – get something to drink and relax. We’ll have fun


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Zero Charisma

This movie isn’t about me. This movie is not about you either.
This movie is about all of us.
So deep…
I can’t talk…
(yes this is a real, indie movie. Nope, not released yet. And yes… I will plug it again when it is)

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The Elder Scrolls Online – The Alliances Cinematic Trailer

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1.7 Smells Gree-at!

Hello, Ionis here.

Bioware released information about next major content patch – Return of the Gree.

There info, as always, are little sketchy at best, but there are some things worth digging teeth into. (pardon the blunt copy/paste – you can read whole announcement here: 1.7 Return of the Gree)

1. New recurring event: Relics of the Gree

  • Explore Ilum’s contested area in the Western Ice Shelf to uncover the mysterious purpose of the Gray Secant, an enormous ancient Gree starship.
  • Get ready to face a powerful opponent that awaits you at the center of this ancient vessel.
  • Earn exclusive Gree technology, including highly-advanced weapon and armor!
  • Look for opportunities to join this recurring event throughout the rest of the year. More details to come!

Can anyone smell Wintergrasp?

For those non-WoW players. Wintergrasp was a full-PvP (if you enter, you’re flagged for PvP automatically) area in Wrath of the Lich King where factions fought for control over a castle in battles that occurred every few hours. Winning side got access to the castle daily quests and a small raid encounter.
Call me pattern-seeking son of a hutt, but this sounds so bloody similar to WG idea… And you know what? That’s great. Everything is better than the current Ilum PvP mistake-of-a-zone. And the more content there is for level 50 people the better.

2. New System: Galactic Reputation

  • Check out an all new exciting way to progress your character.
  • Advance through six ranks of increasing prestige: “Outsider”, “Newcomer”, “Friend”, “Hero”, “Champion”, and “Legend”.
  • Earn Reputation Points by completing missions for allies such as the Gree and the Voss, or for military divisions within the Republic and the Empire.
  • Galactic Reputation is tied to your character’s Legacy, so enjoy earned Reputation Points and ranks across all characters in your Legacy!

Again.. smells like WoW-feature again. Reputation was a grindy little side-step from the gearing progress, where by doing daily quests for different factions you earned reputation.

High reputation gave you access to titles, pets, mounts and some entry-level PvE gear.
My personal take on this is a little meh’. I remember reputations as annoying, boring and stiff feature. I was glad TOR didn’t had it at launch.
We’ll see how they solve the repeatability of those quests – but for now all I smell is some long hours spend grinding rep… thank goodness for the Legacy-wide feature here. It might be the thing that will save the whole concept.
Side note:
Gree are one of the oldest and most advanced civilizations that have ever inhabited the galaxy. Their golden age came centuries before birth of the Republic – so long before all events we know from TOR or the movies. They, along younger races like Rakata, between others, were servant races to the Architects/Celestials.
In TOR era, Gree are known as enigmatic, brilliant and isolationist species. You might remember their droids from the questchain on Coruscant where you were playing a plumber fixing their pipes across the planet.
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Ionis takes off his jaded hat – State of The Game #2

First thing they taught us back in the old days, was that the most important part of solving a problem is correctly identifying what the problem was. I’m taking off today my jaded hat that accompanied me in all those official SWTOR announcements since forever – because I think the SotG#2 represents the old-school problem-solving mentality that isn’t based on dancing around the problem.

Okay, so what do we have in the SotG #2?

You can go and read full text here: State of the Game #2

and then/or read on my recap of the whole text:

Topic 1: Endgame

This is something I cried about for months – more things to do on level 50. Yessir! “we’re aiming to introduce a more diverse array of activities“. More FP and more Ops was to be expected, of course – but they follow that up with new difficulty levels, more things to do with Companions and.. itemization improvements. That last bit – really important because the itemization now is just messed up (Free level 50 PvP gear >> Free level 50 PvE gear. Why is there a free PvE gear to begin with? Oh right.. so people can get to endgame faster. Instant gratification, cats and dogs living together, Armageddon!)

So if they decide to fix it and add new ways of enjoying the game without getting bored. Great! We’re on board!

Topic 2: PvP

Okay, here I was impressed not by what they said they will do – but what they say they won’t. That is no Massive Open World PvP other than revival of Ilum in 2013.

Ionis? Y U h8 pvp?

I don’t. But I’d rather hear the truth “Ain’t gonna happen” than more PR bantapoo about features that will never come to pass.

Speaking of, they want to fix Ilum PvP. Cool, great! Bring it on! I spent endless hours on Ilum when PvP was going on there.

Topic 3: PTS

Easy character copy on PTS. Not much to say – good they finally found some time to do it. No wonder bugs were slipping into Live servers, when there was hardly an option to copy character to Test Servers.

Topic 4: Same Gender Romance.

This one.. I don’t really care for myself – but as the general idea of freedom, equality and all that good stuff – I can golfclap this motion and let it go it’s own way. Truth be told – romances in TOR were so artificial, dry and forced I’d welcome ANY change here. It cannot be any worse… however… if homosexual content could boost PEGI/ESRB age rating for the game – I’d be happy, joyful and carefree (a tanner for bright lads that got that jolly jape)

Overall – best piece of written content from devs since forever. Now I can’t wait for those changes to hit us in few months.

Just give me bloody chairs and I’m satisfied.

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Happy New Yep!

Yep. 2013.

I’ll take this occasion to tell you about what we – as a guild – did year ago. And how far we went.

Year ago we were playing with our first fresh 50s on US side, as members of Umbrella Corp. Doing PvP games, as we waited for more guild folks to hit max level.

Since then we switched servers and continents, started new guild, had over 30 recruits coming in and out of our guild. Did all all game had to offer for 4 man group, few raids and spent countless hours complaining and whining about pretty much everything (at least I was).

It’s been hell of a year. And I expect this one to be even better.

Happy New Year, a lot of loot, good pugs, even better guild runs and no internet/pc issues! May the Force guide more good people our way and lead others right into the Sarlacc’s pit.


ps. World of Tanks “Weekend” got little mixed up, when Laurence got some issues with his PC. But technically we can call it over and done. Good game, but crappy balance.

In 2013 be ready for Civilization 4 marathon, Torchlight 2 zergfest and loads of other funs!

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