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One Year

A little over a year ago, few weeks after we switched from US to EU server and looked for guild we could join – Pax was recreated.

Continuing with the traditions and mistakes from the previous incarnation in World of Warcraft we boldly begun from scratch once again.

People came and went. Stupid people, smart people, good and bad players, vent users and anti-social mutes – most never left a mark on the guild.

For those who did —

To those who found home in this place in this passing year —

I cannot express how happy I am you’re here.

Thank you.

See you all in a year from now : )


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Rise of the Hutt Cartel release date & what does it mean.

Bioware announced the official release date of the expansion: 14th April.

Pre-orders that areĀ eligible for the early access will get into the game on 9th.

In other words: Two weeks from now RotHC will be out.

It means that we have 2 weeks time left for raiding, and considering last 2 weeks – it won’t be nearly enough to finish off the Terror from Beyond – considering we raid less than twice a week.

I am now more content with running some older raid like Karagga’s Palace or Eternity Vault, instead of spending most of the raid getting to end of TFB, but guess this is open for discussion.

Regarding expansion itself – there is no grand plan regarding leveling or doing content in it yet. We’ll probably wait a week-or-so before seriously engaging in the end-game content.

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Darth Vader Being a Jerk

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Importance of PvP gear.

Importance of PvP gear.

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