Who’s on 3rd?



Hello everypo–

khem, sh–.

Hello everybody, Ionis here.

I want to clarify on the idea of going back to raiding with the new expansion, thing that few of you approached me with already.

Trust me, I keep raiding capability on my mind – truth is, for a little while, we probably ain’t gonna start with the raids, and this is why:

1. Who’s the tank? As you’re aware, one of our old timers, Saneot (aka Theodoros) is back, and he’s filling the tanking spot that use to be mine. His gear and tanking skills need a little work before we can safely enter a raiding situation. 

2. Who is a healer! Since healing spot was always the one that caused us most problem to fill. With San around, I’m swapping back to my original role from the old days – healer. That’s bad because after few years of break I don’t only have problem with focus, I also have issues with rotation and such – as I barely know the class I’m playing. 

It is possible that you will run some raids without me (!) while both our experienced healers will fill the spots. Have no fear, Jon is more than capable of dealing with your stupid mistakes. He just go mad faster. With my sketchy time lately, it seams like a good idea to keep my own spot a little more loose, I’m leveling Aossi in spare time, so might feel a DPS spot someday…

3. Who’s on third? Our raid-group, as a whole, still need some fancy gear to fill the Black Hole spots. Every little upgrade helps and we still haven’t done the new-old-hardmodes to death! Not to mention the dailies.. and more dailies… 

Anyway, raiding probably will resume early May, and we’ll start with the Terror From Beyond – which was upgraded to a 55 raid.

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