Operation “Overkill”

Operation starts +30 min after our regular raiding hour – but just in case, be there earlier.

Planet: Alderaan

Primary Objective: Disrupt Imperial command hub, if possible kill leader of house Thul.

Secondary Objective: Keep the city for as long as possible. Kill trainers, vendors, quest NPCs.

We concentrate our attack group in House Alde, from there we raid straight to Imperial main base in tight formation avoiding skirmishes (I’m sure we’ll pass some imperials on our way, but we must achieve Primary Objective ASAP – before anyone gets the word to Imperial Fleet about us).

operation overkill




Before Imperial reinforcements arrive, all we have to deal are Thul droids and turrets – both are level 50 and have HP of 240.000 and 220.000 respectively. (I suggest passing them and not waste time during initial attack)

Imperial base also holds a token of honorary Thul guardsmen, dozens of civil and imperial personnel. All of them – if possible, should be eliminated.

Before attack itself, we’ll spread disinformation on Imperial general chat, redirecting local level 50s to different phase on Alderaan. So I suggest keeping some Imperial alts on the planet to spread misinformation prior to our attack. Details will be improvised.

For the Republic~!


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