Casting DICE

The African Corps is back – and it means we’re back to raiding. Might go little heavy on it for a while, since I know during vacation some of you might be going away – so no worries, we won’t keep it up for long – just to catch up with the curve.

A piece of news about greater Star Wars franchise:

EA Opens Star Wars-Centric DICE studio in LA. 

DICE is a company you may remember from games like Battlefield series, Mirror’s Edge and few racing games they developed in past years.

Looking at the background of the company, one may speculate about Battlefront 3…

Or new version of Pod Racer!

One thing is for sure, DICE won’t follow Bioware’s school of game-making – which might or might not be a good thing, depends which generation of BW SW related games you look at.



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