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Changing Vent server

After few years of using UGT, we’ve switched to the typefrag Ventrilo service.

Since July 1st to connect to Pax ventrilo you must go with:

IP or username:

Port: 9495

Password – same as before.

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Recent Ionis’ gaming videos

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E3 EA Goodies


Very little information for this one, other than the E3 trailer

Game will be created in Frostbite 3 engine – same as Battlefield 4. Lets hope the storyline will be longer than the modern FPS games…

Dragon Age: Inquisition

Morrigan! Zomg!

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2.2 Armour Sets

Kell Dragon PvE Republic gear:

Firebrand PvP Republic gear:

For all you traitors who want to see Imperial armours, visit


Happy new kittens Marsha. You know you have to name one of them Ionis right? 🙂

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Why do we need more people?

This is a question that might be popping  in your heads when you hear me going on with the recruitment topic and guild ads.

We don’t need more people do we? We have whole 8 man Ops group, all 8 people are here most of the time. Why bother to go though the motion of looking for more souls?

First of all – We’re not just a raiding guild. We don’t recruit people promising them raiding spots – we recruit people cause we enjoy like-minded individuals.

Fact we have the coherent raid group only gives us luxury of rejecting people without jeopardizing our progress – but I’m still willing to bring new people in.

You know that it’s always a random chance that we find someone valuable to us, there’s no reason not to try if it doesn’t cost us much. Next to nothing really – and gain can be substantial. Another Thal or Colin might be the person that stumble upon our guild ad and decide to give it a try…

So yes, I will push for the recruitment effort to continue, you might get involved or piss on it. Makes no difference as long as you accept the new recruits with open mind – until they do something wrong 😛

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Diminishing Returns for 2.0

Diminishing Returns for 2.0

Note: From what I see, Surge stat is ignoring the basic 50% you have.

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