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Update that is actually worth reading.

Ladies, gentlemen and Ewoks of all genders,

Last few days we’ve been talking about guild’s future – and how most of us barely plays TOR at all. Only thing we do lately is log for raids and supply runs for credits needed for repairs.

According to official sources, patch 2.4 will come out October 1st. And with it two new raids (probably one small/one big?) and small story content, we expect – with a decent raid time to be done with it in a matter of two weeks.

Considering the fact after that we’ll be back to milking 4-6 hours a week on hardmodes, the decision that guild members took (this time, wasn’t me!) is to put The Old Republic behind us the moment we’re done with the new 2.4 raids.

Is it the end of the guild? Of course not. We’ll be returning for few months into World of Warcraft, until The Elder Scrolls Online hit the shelves.

What does that mean? It means that TOR guild goes into “frozen state” as of mid October.

You can always get in touch with us via Ventrilo or this website – it will remain active, but will lose the TOR-profile and will serve as a replacement for the old WoW-time weekly-newsletters.

This place will serve to inform the group of the progress in transferring the guild back to WoW and general organization news.

Meanwhile, almost half of the crew remains active in our Wold of Tanks clan, the PQBD, also known as Imperial Ducks. If you’re into it – you know where to find us.

All guild members of Pax are – of course – welcome to join us in WoW. For more info, drop during evening on vent or ask in the comment below.

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