Phoenix Down!

Hello there,

As some, or most, or all of you know, we’re back online and heading straight to the new MMO on the horizon – The Elder Scrolls Online. I know you’re all excited. I’m excited too. While World of Warcraft kept us entertained for a while, it will be good to get back into unknown depth of another MMO.

Few informations for you to know: We’ll be playing an Aldmeri Dominion faction (want to learn about them? Here! ), on EU side of the world. We’ll as always focus on social PvE, but I sense that PvP will play stronger aspect in guild’s life than it was in previous games, I spoke with some or most of you about it already.

That’s it. Just letting you know we’re here and ready to go.

also, while my private life is still in turmoil, I’ll try to play the guild master role again. Don’t blame me if it ends as always…


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