Turn on the Light!

Okay folks, non-folks and Imperials. Game is hitting live in just few days. I make this post to get few things out before launch.

1. First person that manages to get online, please try grabbing name Pax (if already taken, go with PAX, if that one is taken too, go with P A X) for the guild. We’ll sort out guild mastery later on, for now lets make sure we got the guild name. Also, I can’t really tell you when I’ll be online myself, but no sweat, I’ll be there whenever I manage to find the time.

2. Names. This is something I’d like you folks to leave a comment on Facebook about – basically, again, if you’re one of the first people there, try saving names that others would like to use.

From my side I have 3 reqests: Salihah (Fay’s name, she won’t be online for a week or so?). Nadia (because I don’t want to be yelled at 😉 ) and Ionis (because I like my name, damn it!). If you have any more names you’d like someone else to grab for ya, leave a comment on FB or – in worst case scenario – here.

3. If you’re one of the recruits and would like invite to the guild – leave comment here. I’ll make sure whoever will be online first, will get you in. You’re as always, welcome to leave any messages here, send them to chronormu@hotmail.com or on Steam Pri_Pax.


Enjoy the last Saturday if your real life in near future.


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3 thoughts on “Turn on the Light!

  1. Off work Monday…very sad LOL!!

    • Val

      Hey all hope your enjoying ESO just wanted to say finally decided to put some points into clothing and alchemy for crafting:) and that makes finding alchemy plants much easier. And that I picked up the Orc racial style book in random Dresser.

      And just to let you know the game has a update to download today.

  2. Thanks for the info. Val, I guess you’ll be our drug dealer then 😉


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