Hello Lassies, Lads and Imperials,

Here we go with the quick update, first – I’d like to welcome all newcomers, I know it’s all confusing to you now, but don’t worry, that’s GOOD. Well, anyway better than actually knowing what you got yourself into 😉

Two of the folks that run around in game, few of you might remember from the very, very old days of Pax: Vavaia and Sanastar. I can honestly say, if it wasn’t for them – this guild would never exist.

Second: Addons.

Here are some of my personal choices so far:


Adds new icon when you open your map, showing locations of the Skyshards.

Want more maps showing location of stuff? Harvest nodes? (Val.. this is for you!) Lorebooks? (That mage guild rep grind.. he?) Treasure Maps? (Yarr!)

ZrMapMode – Modded – Miss the typical MMO minimap? Here you go!

Last but not least, a little bit of UI tweaking. Again, making it little more like a classical MMO: WarLegend HUD

All your addons should be unpacked to Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\liveeu\AddOns folder!

As always, you’re all welcome to join our lively, friendly and not at all creepy ventrilo channel!

Rainbows and Sunshines,


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One thought on “AddOns!

  1. Guys I think our account may have been hacked. Please don’t download anything, or indeed follow any of the links, until we establish the identity of this Lonis fellow.

    Securely yours,


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