PvP Sunday and Skyshard Blitz

Due to EU Parliament election induced time-schedule mess up, our regular Sunday Morning Raw is moved to Saturday this weekend. Other than that – everything stays same, so – we start as soon as we have 3 or more people and we run until we’re done (I’m off however 11 AM GMT, just so you know).

Skyshard Blitz, what’s that? I’ve been bouncing this idea against people for a long while now, time to make it happen. Skyshard blitz it’s a raid into Cyrodiil, to travel the PvP zone in tight formation and pick up as many Skyshards as possible. We’ll avoid concentrations of hostile forces – simply sweep the crystals and move on. It will – most likely – be split into 2 or 3 events – we’ll be moving at the speed of the slowest horse (god I hope all you people got horses!) and some skyshards are inside solo dungeons, which take few min to clear in-and-out. In any case, there’s no solid date and hour yet – I’ll first try to consult people with least time and see what time window works for them – but probably next weekend (either Friday or Sunday evening) would be good.

May the force be with you. Laurence, gratz for your new machine… 😉

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2 thoughts on “PvP Sunday and Skyshard Blitz

  1. Thanks, I look forward to annoying people with my presence for years to come! 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Sure sounds fun playing catch me if I can with you and your horse

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