Skyshard Blitz

This sunday, 6 PM GMT 7 PM CEST, we run the first part of the Skyshard Blitz. Please make sure characters you want to bring to the blitz are at least level 10 and have a horse. We will wait for the late-comers till 7:15-7:20. After that, we’re starting.

Please, notice, this is a first out of few Blitz runs we’ll do. We probably won’t spend more than 2 hours at a time.

In near future we’ll also have a conversation about changing (or not) our Campaign. Currently, on Dawnbreaker, Dominion is the least-represented faction. Not by much, but as people will be given a chance to join another Camp, thy “underdog” position when we can fight back, might switch to the dead dog.

(you know how it is, people from other Campaigns where their faction is under-represented will switch here, where they dominate, meanwhile our people will flee to more populated Campaigns. In other word – we’ll have to talk, wait and see)

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4 thoughts on “Skyshard Blitz

  1. Looking forward to it! Laurence

  2. Valtrick

    Shiny Skyshards

  3. Anonymous

    Hey Guys,

    Raven here, was looking forward to join this event (only have 5k gold left to get a horse) but for some reason I dced yesterday and cant login back into the game, stuck at requesting login, have to wait till the next server reset to get fixed, kill some nubs for me please!

  4. Ionis: Hey, if you manage to get online by the blitz time, I can throw you the missing money, no problem 🙂

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