New Look 2

New Look 2

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New Look 1

New Look 1

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Sunday Morning Raw.

Ladies, Gentleman and Argonians of all flavours,

Last week we improved on a semi-random Cyrodiil questing trip, and ended up spending hour or so fighting small-scale PvP around various quest hubs in Cyrodiil. While eventually defeated by overwhelming numbers (there’s always a bigger fish…) we had a blast, and we blasted plenty of people along the way. Coming week we’ll probably do the same routine, this time all of you are welcome to join us. If we get enough troops we might end up doing a Skyshard run (that is go around Cyrodiil picking up crystals, often located far beyond enemy lines). 

We might also assault some lumbermill, kill some lumberjacks take their women’s clothing / And hang around in bars.

Early last week we run our first guild Veteran Dungeon, (I have some axe to grind against the system of those dungeons.. let me tell you but…) despite some wipes and a lot of swearing, we cleared it in a fashionable time before anyone threw the keyboard against the wall.


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Patch 1.0.6 – Small thing you should know.

  • Adjusted the time after you loot a delve or overworld boss before you are eligible to receive loot from these types of bosses again.

In other words – farming becomes less effective.  You can read the whole list of patchnotes here. Other information worth notice are the fixes and improvements to some buggy quests and fixing problems related to freezes (I had plenty of issues with that).

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Hello Lassies, Lads and Imperials,

Here we go with the quick update, first – I’d like to welcome all newcomers, I know it’s all confusing to you now, but don’t worry, that’s GOOD. Well, anyway better than actually knowing what you got yourself into 😉

Two of the folks that run around in game, few of you might remember from the very, very old days of Pax: Vavaia and Sanastar. I can honestly say, if it wasn’t for them – this guild would never exist.

Second: Addons.

Here are some of my personal choices so far:


Adds new icon when you open your map, showing locations of the Skyshards.

Want more maps showing location of stuff? Harvest nodes? (Val.. this is for you!) Lorebooks? (That mage guild rep grind.. he?) Treasure Maps? (Yarr!)

ZrMapMode – Modded – Miss the typical MMO minimap? Here you go!

Last but not least, a little bit of UI tweaking. Again, making it little more like a classical MMO: WarLegend HUD

All your addons should be unpacked to Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\liveeu\AddOns folder!

As always, you’re all welcome to join our lively, friendly and not at all creepy ventrilo channel!

Rainbows and Sunshines,


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Stayin’ Alive!

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Raids incoming!


time to pull up your skirts…

Raids are coming!

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AvA – Which PvP Camp are we in? Dawnstar!

Our home campaign for PvP is Dawnstar. You can visit other Campaigns as a guest, so no sweat if you went with something else, but Downstar is our official.

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It’s up!

Thursday Evening. Time till official launch -15h. 

Ladies, Gentlemen and Imperials,

Tomorrow TESO goes live. Guild is growing pretty fast for now – today we got total of three members. I know, it’s light-speed in our paradigm. Don’t worry, not planning to turn into a bigger guild than always, but launch of an MMO is the best possible time to get good players, before they scatter between worthless guilds, get annoyed and quit the game all together!

So expect few more lost souls joining us over the course of the weekend.

Also, Fay, if you’re reading this – Jon (aka Weylyn) is holding your name captive. Get in touch with us on vent and/or facebook, steam, string and cans, and we will present our demands!

Other than that… guys, hope you’ll enjoy this MMO and enjoy being members of this guild even more.

Welcome on board.



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Turn on the Light!

Okay folks, non-folks and Imperials. Game is hitting live in just few days. I make this post to get few things out before launch.

1. First person that manages to get online, please try grabbing name Pax (if already taken, go with PAX, if that one is taken too, go with P A X) for the guild. We’ll sort out guild mastery later on, for now lets make sure we got the guild name. Also, I can’t really tell you when I’ll be online myself, but no sweat, I’ll be there whenever I manage to find the time.

2. Names. This is something I’d like you folks to leave a comment on Facebook about – basically, again, if you’re one of the first people there, try saving names that others would like to use.

From my side I have 3 reqests: Salihah (Fay’s name, she won’t be online for a week or so?). Nadia (because I don’t want to be yelled at 😉 ) and Ionis (because I like my name, damn it!). If you have any more names you’d like someone else to grab for ya, leave a comment on FB or – in worst case scenario – here.

3. If you’re one of the recruits and would like invite to the guild – leave comment here. I’ll make sure whoever will be online first, will get you in. You’re as always, welcome to leave any messages here, send them to or on Steam Pri_Pax.


Enjoy the last Saturday if your real life in near future.


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