Ventrilo Info

Ventrilo is free-to-download real-time voice chat designed as a tool for group communication.

Ventrilo client can be downloaded from

To connect to our channel, after installing ventrilo and creating your username, you must provide following information in server setup:


port: 9495

password: To ensure privacy, password is only provided to new members in game.

Remember to run ventrilo in Administrator mode!

If you don’t, while in-game, Ventrilo won’t recognize your press-to-talk button.

Ventrilo configuration:

This is pretty default Vent setup used by me with a short commentary why things are set as they are:

Use Press To Talk Key – thanks to this option, for you to be heard by everyone else, you must press and hold a button (in my setup it’s Left Control).

Moment you release PTTK you’re going ‘mute’ on vent – and no sound caught by your microphone gets across to us.


Outbound – if you’re too loud for other users – move it below 0 and vice versa.

Inbound – if others are too loud for you – move it below 0 and vice versa.

General sound tip:

Reduce in-game sounds (music, speech and so on ) to almost minimum – otherwise you’ll have to keep Inbound Amplifier on really high number – generally causing inflation in volume. To hear us better just reduce volume of the game.

Your Input/Output devices will be called differently than ones on the picture above. Do not be alarmed, that’s completely fine.

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